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USA List. International Pricing Varies
Model SA-01* & RA-01* $4,990 ea.
Model SA-10* & RA-10* $5,990 ea.
Model SA-40* & RA-40* $7,290 ea.
Model SA-100M* & RA-100M* $9,990 ea.
*Each unit includes; SA Series Frequency Response and Impedance Analyzer, Power Supply, USB Cable, PC-Software on CD and Operation Manual with application notes.
ISO-20-1 v/v Differential Isolation Amplifier $695 ea.
PA-100 Signal Amplifier/Probe Adapter $695 ea.
PC-15-BP15 Power Converter $345 ea.
Injection Transformer | Model XA-40 $640 ea.
Integrated Transformer/Probe | Model ITP-10 $895 ea.
Output Probe | Model OP-10 $59 ea.
Input Probe | Model IP-10 $89 ea.
Power Supply | Model PS-20 $99 ea.
USB Cable | Model UC-20> $59 ea.
Terminator Assy. | Model TA-50 $39 ea.
Carrying Case | Model CC-10 $99 ea.
Hourly or Project Based Per Quotation
1 Hr. Consultation fee (on site at Core or by phone/video) $200
1 Day Consultation on customer site fee. Customer site within 20 mile radius of Core Technology Group. Travel outside the 20 mile radius incurs additional charge of $12.00/mile ($6/mile in each direction). $1200
Fees are due by credit card after confirmation of appointment.
Extended opportunities (more than 1 day) will be quoted accounting for time/materials, travel, deliverables, terms, etc. Extended opportunities will be priced either hourly or by project, and could result in additional benefits/savings for our customer.